norcor technologies corporation


The Intelligent Company

Wellesley K. Clayton Sr. Founder & Consultant

Founder & Consultant of Norcor Technologies Corporation, Oil and Gas Development, Alternate Energy Development, Patented Technology Development and Construction Management.

Investment Advisor, Publisher, Songwriter and Record Producer.

Jamaican Olympian:

1964 and 1968. British Commonwealth Games: 1962 and 1966. Pan American Games: 1967. Central American Games, West Indies Games. Won Most Medals for Jamaica in its history of Track and Field Sports.

Education: Compton College: AA Degree.

University of Southern California: BA Degree in International Relations.

University of Southern California: Graduate Work in International Public Administration.

LaSalle University: Law. Rutgers University: Accounting and Taxation.

Oklahoma University: Statistics.

Johnson C Smith University: Construction Management Program.

Howard University: Executive Education Program.

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth: Business Transformation Program.

Work Experience Jamaica:

Jamaican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jamaican Railway Corporation, Jamaican Government owned Hotel, Trade Union Negotiations. Work Experience USA: Financial Representative for Investment Banking Firm, Managed own Investment Banking Firm. President of Clayton Moore Resources: Drilled and Managed Oil and Gas wells, Market Fuel and Natural Gas.

Community Development in Jamaica:

President of Trelawny Jaycees and Member of the Martha Brae Rafting Commission.

Community Development USA:

President of Harrison Walnut Neighborhood Association, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Soccer Referee, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. President of Friends of Jamaica, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Citizen Award- Charlotte, North Carolina. Awards: Jamaica- Sportsman of the Year. USC- Most outstand


Mr. Mark Clayton; President / CEO

Mark Clayton is the son of the Founder Wellesley Clayton.  Mark is a graduate of Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC He has a Bachelor degree in Political Science and a minor in Psychology.  Mark has worked with his father right out of College in the HVAC division for Norcor Technologies.  He learned the bidding process and how to be very competitive in the market arena and also managed off site projects. Mark has always been a consultant for Norcor Technologies throughout the years and also while he has been in the automotive industry for Toyota, Honda, and Chrysler for over 13 years. As of Jan 20, 2010 Mark Clayton took over the role as President and Treasurer for Norcor Technologies, handling the day to day operations.  Mark Clayton relinquished the role of Treasurer to Marquis Bey on August 1, 2015 and also took over the responsibilities of CEO of Norcor Technologies. Mark is very excited to see the Energy and Technology Division Develop.  Our ultimate goal is for Developers to reduce the poverty level in Jamaica and the Caribbean by bringing alternative energy to the region

Mr. Robert Warner; Vice President

Mr. Warner has been Vice President of Norcor Technologies since Jan 20,2010 and he has an Associates Degree in Science Electrical Engineering from New York Technical College, Brooklyn NY and an Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Mount St. Mary College in Newburgh, NY.  Mr. Warner has over 11 years experience as a Technical Account Manager in the Telecommunications, Financial, Retail, and Energy Sectors.  He also has Developed Software Applications in improve customer service for companies like GE, ALLTEL, Blue Cross Blue Shield, American Cancer Society, and AT&T.  He has successfully managed over 200 employees in various organizational positions/roles. Mr. Warner’s management and leadership experience, specifically in the energy sector, will allow him to contribute to the strategic guidance and leadership of the Company.

Mr. Marquis Bey; Secretary / Treasurer

Marquis Bey has been Secretary for Norcor Technologies as of Jan 20, 2010 and on August 1, 2015 Marquise Bey has also assumed the role of Treasurer of Norcor Technologies from Mark Clayton President and CEO. He attended Livingstone College and NC State A&T University. Marquis holds a B.S in Business Management and a Renewable Energy Certificate from Solar Energy International. Marquis has years of experience in the financial and solar industry and was recently named Director of the Training Division of Solmon and Roth. He has extensive years of experience leading large organizations. His responsibilities in the past included a budget of $15 million over seeing 140 employees managing 700,000 clients. Marquis corporate experiences include management positions at American Express Card Services, Sears Holdings, and the United States Marine Corp.

Among the reasons for his appointment as a director, Mr. Bey’s financial, business, and operational experience, as well as the experience that he has accumulated through his activities as a manager, will add strategic vision to the board of directors.

Mr. Hugh Roberts; Director

Hugh Roberts has been with Norcor Technologies since Jan 20, 2010 as a Director and he is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and a MS in Mathematics. He has managed the day-to-day operations of the Washington, DC office for Allen Bates Technologies for the last 10 years. He oversees the hiring and coaching of all employees within the division. Oversee the sales, marketing, professional services, research and development and support department in the Washington, DC office. Train sales representative and sales engineers on the Allen Bates sales approach and product demonstration using Allen Bates’ products in the customer’s environment or via Webcast. Accomplishments include closing the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craft workers (IUBAC) professional services contract for $4.5M over 5 years for their Electronic Reciprocal Transfer System (ERTS) and Electronic Employer Payroll Reporting (eREMIT).  Mr. Robert’s background in technology and his operations and management experience will allow him to provide guidance to the Company as a Director.

Dr. Henry B. Crichlow; Director

Dr. Henry Crichlow is a Registered Professional Engineer and has been a Director with Norcor since June 14, 2012.   For the last 20 years Dr. Crichlow has been employed by major oil companies such as Mobil and Texaco as an engineer and also performed consultant engineering analyses for major oil conglomerates, worldwide institutions including Mobil, Texaco, Kerr Mcgee, Union, the World Bank and the FDIC (USA). He has advised some of the largest international oil companies like Pemex, Kuwait Oil, YPFB, and PetroPeru in multibillion dollar projects. Dr. Crichlow was the head of the petroleum, natural gas and geological engineering departments at the University of Oklahoma and the Halliburton Distinguished Professor of Engineering. He is principal of HBC Registered Engineers, a consulting company that operates in the United States, South America, eastern Europe, and Africa. He holds several patents and publications in engineering, energy, safety, nuclear engineering and the internet. He is an engineer with a Ph.D from Stanford University, a Master of Science degree from the University of Oklahoma, and Bachelor of Science Degree from Colorado School of Mines, all in petroleum engineering.  Dr. Crichlow’s engineering experience will be a big asset to Norcor Technologies and this will allow him to provide guidance to the Company as a Director.

Mr. Michael D. Francis; Director

Michael Francis has been with Norcor Technologies as a Director since Feburary 10, 2014, before that he had a career with IBM for 42 years which includes positions as Application Programmer, Systems Engineering Manager, Marketing Program Developer, Marketing Manager, and Channels Account Manager. He has also work with the DoD as a Program Manager. He is now retired from IBM

Most notable skills include Marketing and Technical Support Plan development, Account Management, Technical Comprehension, Deal Negotiation, Issue Resolution, IBM Channels Programs Execution and Internet Solutions Development.  He has also been responsible for assembling IBM and OEM technical resources, on a world-wide basis, for the development and execution of Action Plans to resolve critical IBM eServer Linux Cluster customer satisfaction issues. The assignment evolved to being responsible for management of Special Bid Process involving review/approval of non-standard IBM Linux Cluster component inclusions.  Michael Francis has had an extensive history working with Internet Applications, Internet Solutions, and Marketing. 

Michael Francis will be a big asset to Norcor Technologies having those experiences to negotiate future contracts and agreements as a director.